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We track and maintain your physical assets such as vehicles, equipment, machinery, computers and furniture.

We bridge the Physical to the Digital World

We provide an end to end solution for Managing your Company's Assets.

Full Service

We provide everything: Software, Hardware, RFID Tags, Training of your Personnel and continuous support by our experienced team.  You just sit back and relax!


Manage fixed assets with end-to-end visibility into the management process, from acquisition to disposition.

Easy to Use Platform

AssetGuru is accessible on your Computer, Tablet or Mobile phone without the need of any installation.


One Solution

End-to-End solution which includes everything – From scanners & RFID tags to supporting software platform & training..

Case Studies of AG

The AssetGuru(AG) Solution is already being used by businesses in Tourism and Services Sector helping them to manage their assets more efficiently

Migration and Support

We bill you for the RFID scanners & tags, an onboarding fee for setting up your account (once off), and a monthly fee for Access to the AG Software Platform and Support. 


Fully Responsive

AssetGuru software is mobile friendly and can be used by any device Instant access to the critical asset information you and your team need.

Milions of Assets are Managed

The total value of the managed assets currently of AssetGuru exceeds 10 million Euros.

Deployment and Security

The Software Platform is a Password Protected Web Application, accessible from any device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) – Nothing gets installed, everything is in the cloud.


Main Features

AssetGuru offers a lot of functionality for managing your assets.  We have cherry-pick some of the most prominent features. 

Full Asset Lifecycle

Manage fixed assets with end-to-end visibility into the management process, from acquisition to retirement.

Easy to Monitor

Keep track of asset movements around the company and conduct frequent inventory audits whenever you like.

Extensive Reporting

Generate asset reports, particularly those related to aging and depreciation, combine data from multiple locations and other sources, integrated with MS Excel or  MS Power BI.

ERP Connectivity

We can connect AssetGuru to your ERP in order to exchange information on demand

AssetGuru API

Use our build in API in order to exchange data with the AssetGuru Database

Faster Answers

With RFID Asset Management System you answer in 10 seconds, accurately, and you can re-count in few minutes, as frequently as needed.

Improve your Inventory Accuracy

With AG and the RFID Technology the Inventory Report process can become an easy daily task.

Reduce Physical Count Time

Searching, Identifying and Counting becomes a story faster than the blink of an eye

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable and able to be connected through API with most of the modern CRM and ERP


There is an onboarding fee for every plan which Includes basic hardware
(1 handheld scanner) and initial setup, starting from 3500€ euros.(No tags included)


100/ mo
  • <5.000 Asset Tags
  • Unlimited Locations
  • 5 Fixed Reports
  • No Software Customization
  • 5 Users
  • Light Support

Standar Pro Plan

350/ mo
  • <20.000 Asset Tags
  • Unlimited Locations
  • 5 Fixed Reports
  • 5 Custom Reports
  • No Software Customization
  • API Connectivity
  • Unlimited Users
  • Standard Support

Ultimate Plan

Contact sales
  • >20.000 Asset Tags
  • Unlimited Locations
  • 10 Fixed Reports
  • 10 Custom Reports
  • Full Software Customization
  • Full API Connectivity
  • Unlimited Users
  • Premium Support

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